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An Atlas of Es Devlin, Devlin

£ 85.00 GBP
An Atlas of Es Devlin is unique and extraordinary. A cornucopia of die cuts, concertinas, tip ins and tracing pages - it is an artist’s book in the truest sense of the term; but of course it is, because Es Devlin is an artist in the truest sense of the term. Tracing her entire career from childhood drawings to set and stage designs for Beyonce, Shakespeare plays, The London Olympics and the Superbowl Halftime shows, with radical, ingenious, moving and breathtaking brilliance emanating from every page. You fall through the hole in the cover and tumble down at terminal velocity right out the other side. It's a mammoth work, of dizzying detail and elegance - every page is a surprise and a delight but never a gimmick. More than any book we've ever seen, its medium, content and playfulness work in spellbinding harmony. Its sum is greater than its parts, which is saying something because its parts are truly great. Words do not do this book justice, nor do pictures, videos or love songs. The only way to understand it is to see it in person.
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